Why choose Ambien Online?

Sleeping disorders have become so common among patients and the number of sleep deprived individuals opting to get sleep medications have increased considerably in the recent years. With the increase in stress, exhaustion and anxiety all around, people are finding it more difficult to sleep or even sleep for long hours which is highly critical for a healthy living.

They don’t even know what they are suffering from like how I used to be. However, insomnia is getting increasing prevalent among working professionals and therefore, it has to be treated before it becomes chronic.

‘Sleep is when our soul actually refreshes the body’

Generic nameZolpidem
Alternative drugsLunesta, Nitrazepam, Zolfresh, Zopiclone
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What is Ambien?

Ambien is a popular sleeping pill that is prescribed by most doctors to cure sleep disorders. The primary ingredient is Zolpidem that reacts rapidly in the brain to induce sleep. A chemical imbalance in the brain is the prime cause of Insomnia and Ambien has the capacity to restore balance in the brain chemicals. This sedative has been proved to be effective since its launch in the year 1992 and has decreased the sleep latency up to 35 days in controlled clinical studies.

Why should one choose Ambien from healthprose?

When I had been prescribed this drug, initially I used to buy it from a local store. I found it difficult to purchase the drug given the high cost and was always searching for an alternative. So I looked online to find out whether the cost is uniform across all stores and was surprised to find that it was being sold online as well in many online pharmacies. Of course, the drug can be obtained only with a prescription. In the due course, I came across an online drug store called ambienonline.net and went ahead in ordering Ambien. I was so glad that I could receive the pill overnight. I still buy my medicines from there.

Healthprose is an online pharmacy that sells almost all kinds of medicines that might be required by a person. I like the online pharmacy because of three reasons.

  • Low cost:

The cost of medicines on this site is significantly low compared to other shops or pharmacies. The online pharmacy portal offer discounts and coupons which significantly lower the price of the medicine, especially if you are buying it in bulk. This is applicable not only for Ambien but for other medicines as well.

  • Fast delivery:

The medicines are shipped and delivered quickly. However, the time was taken to deliver depends on the place of stay. Medicines are well packed and shipped by the right partners so that you can track them easily.

  • Quality product:

AmbienOnline.net sells Ambien produced by reputed online pharmacies.

Buying anything online is always convenient. And so is buying medicine from health prose. You can buy it right from the comfort of your home, at affordable discounts and prices without revealing anything about your condition which might be a problem if you go to a pharmacy. Moreover, online drug stores never run out of stock.

How Ambien Puts An End To Your Sleep Problems?

Chronic insomnia has been a great problem for a few centuries. As industrialization bloomed, sleep pattern among people changed a lot. Mainly, office workers are the prime victims for insomnia. In a medical context, insomnia is a habitual sleep deprivation or inability to stay asleep caused by various factors ranging from stress to being a symptom of some disease. Basically, ambien is the brand for the chemical formulation zolpidem, which was primarily used as a sedative. Ambien is one of the effective medicines which will induce sleep in insomniac patients by acting on GABA transmission in the brain. If you want to know how Ambien works on the human system, you must understand the chemical nature of the drug. Most of the GABA receptor-based drugs belongs to benzodiazepine families like Xanax and Klonopin, whereas Ambien is a non-benzodiazepine drug which works similar to benzo family. Their generic name is Zolpidem, which is a prescription drug around US, Australia, and Canada. They bind to a specific receptor in the brain (GABA receptor), thereby altering the chemical signal. Its effects are mainly sedative and hypnotic such that, it is a great option to treat insomnia and preferred over benzodiazepine drugs by physicians.

How much time does it take Ambien to get activated?

Unlike other drugs, Ambien has a very quick mode of action by releasing the chemical molecules within 15 – 20 minutes on reaching the stomach. Usually, an insomniac patient would take a pill with a concentration of 2-10 mg as prescribed by the doctor. As soon as the pill dissolves, it starts working by inducing sleep. There is a two layer coating for the pill in the case of Ambien CR, where the first layer helps in inducing sleep and the slower dissolving second layer would help to maintain the sleep. Since it is fast acting drug, doctors prescribe the patients take the pill just before the bedtime, in another case it might result in faintness and loss of consciousness. The pill has a half-life of 3-5 hrs, whereas the effect of Ambien pills can take 7-8 hours long to clear from the body. So, usually, patients are recommended not to engage in any physical activities as soon as they wake up.

Will Ambien cause addiction?

It has been shown in a study that, Ambien do have an addiction syndrome, where a lot of patients find it difficult to live without the aid of the drug. So, physicians suggest the medicine as a short term remedy lasting for 2-6 weeks, before reaching the final course where they would reduce the dosage, before finally stopping the medicine. This artificial exercising of the brain using Ambien would be enough to create a sleep pattern, but still, if the patient has a recurrence of insomnia or on stopping the medication, further check-ups and changes in the course has to be done.

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