Is Ambien 5mg good for sleep maintenance?

Ambien is the only one medication that is well-identified by a major chunk of the population across the globe. I hope many will concur with it. Lifestyle changes and stress-filled work schedules have paralyzed the sleep pattern for many people. Those days it is only old-aged and medically fragile people who used to take this pill. But, now there is a complete change. I was surprised to discover my colleague taking an Ambien 5mg pill at night while we were vacationing very recently. I was very anxious to know the underlying reason behind him taking the pill. Whether it is for sleep initiation or for getting an uninterrupted sleep. In fact, I prodded him and found out that he takes the pill for both the reasons. I have never taken the pill any time before, and hence I wasn’t aware of the potential of the pill. It was on that particular day, I came to know about Ambien CR, a controlled-release formulation of the pill with two layers with each layer inducing positive effects in the body one after the other. Upon knowing this, I started recommending Ambien 5mg to many sleep deprived individuals whom I am aware of.

Can Ambien be taken by people with medical complications?

Certainly not. Since the medication is categorized as a sedative-hypnotic, individuals who are medically fragile are strongly advised against taking the medication. The foremost reason is to stay protected against any counter reaction in the body. However, in some individuals, the medication can be administered, but strictly under doctor’s supervision. Never attempt to take the pill based on somebody’s recommendation. It is highly critical to ascertain how the effects of the medication might be in your body. Perhaps, this can be done by consulting the doctor. On the other hand, people who are struggling to experience sound sleep because of enduring pain due to stiffened muscles can take Ambien 10mg or either 5mg, as the medication has the potential to relax the muscles. In fact, it is known for its muscle relaxation properties. People with heart ailments, kidney disease, liver disease, and lung disease should never think about administering the pill even at the instance of not experiencing a restful sleep at night. Even the same is applicable for individuals with a history of mental illness, drug addiction, and depression. Given its high dependence factor, it isn’t recommended for use in individuals for whom it isn’t prescribed.

When can I fall asleep upon taking Ambien?

The medication reacts very rapidly in the body and one can fall asleep in about 15 minutes time. Unlike other sleeping aids pills, the medication doesn’t have a prolonged half-life. The half-life supposedly ranges between two to three hours. It will be disastrous if the medication is taken in two doses. Tolerability varies from person to person. Ambien restores the functioning of certain neurotransmitters in the brain in order to ensure proper sleep. It should be noted that, individuals who aren’t able to get sound sleep despite taking the medication should never opt for another dose in the next 24 hours. This can be fatal in some cases. Indeed, they can try taking Ambien CR and find out if there is any positive difference in their sleep pattern. The ideal dosage recommendation is one Ambien pill for a day. At the same time, taking it along with other medicines of the same category can have negative health repercussions, and hence co-administration could be avoided. Abstain from taking the sleeping pill if you experience side effects in extreme severity. Also, do consult the doctor too.